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    Social Responsibility

    Xu Cheng Technology will contribute to the community regarded as one of the core values of the enterprise. Asahi Technology firmly believe that strict and positive attitude towards corporate social responsibility, sustainable development of enterprises of the Road. Asahi to uphold the "energy to improve the lives" of the pursuit and dreams, actively fulfill corporate social responsibility, strive for a harmonious development of the enterprise benefits, social benefits and employee interests.

           Xu Cheng technology to create efficiency, to maintain healthy and sustainable development of enterprises as the primary responsibility of enterprises; national urgent needs, the courage to act as a corporate incumbent; to enthusiastic public welfare and social returns as an important part of corporate social responsibility; to respect the interests of employees, help employees and businesses grow as an important component of corporate social responsibility.
  • Charity


    Asahi Technology actively participate in charity, Xu Cheng think to do anything inseparable heart, charity is also true. Charity is not the rich, and everyone should be actively involved in promoting philanthropy is the final ahead in order…


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